Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.Until the last few months I never thought that I would have my own website, but technology catches up with us all. However in my case it’s me catching up with technology.With this site I hope to provide an opportunity for us to positively interact. I will be posting some ‘Positively Speaking’ columns, some previously published and some original, along with, from time to time, comments on subjects original, along with, from time to time,  comments on subjects that are of interest or concern to us all. brian-garvey-tie
 I will also post other material that is inspiring or motivational in both video and printed formats. We invite you to add your comments and share them with others. It is my goal that between us we can add value, encouragement and be a positive force for others  and ourselves.We will also offer the opportunity to purchase books from our store with secure payment by PayPal. Information will also be posted on upcoming books and other ‘newsy’ items as they occur.Come back often and share your thoughts, comments and ideas or just to see what others are saying.

Together we can create a Community of Positive Thinkers

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