Pass It On!

Have you ever had one of those days when everything you do goes
wrong and you feel downright miserable? The kind of day that you
long for someone to say something positive and thoughtful to you,
just something that could help you feel better? Of course you have!
But we have a tendency to forget that other people have bad days
as well. When we meet up with someone having their bad day,
we often shrug them off and go on our merry way, conveniently
forgetting what our bad day felt like. If only we would take the
time to remember how we felt and pass along to that person our
good feeling. This would give them some encouragement, and
these positive words could make all the difference in the world to
There are many stories of people who were about to take their
own life when they received a kindness from a stranger; sometimes
it was just a few words that gave them hope, but it was enough to
pull them away from the brink. Some of those people went on to
give hope to someone else and inspire countless others.
We have numerous sayings that we all know, to cover these
situations: “What goes around comes around”, “ We reap what we
sow”, “ Do unto others……”. But we don’t remember them unless it
suits us to do so.
If only we would take the time to help others on their bad day,
then maybe there’s a chance that someone will help us on our bad
Go ahead … pass it on! Ma ke someone ’s day !

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