Facing Our Fears

There are many fears and phobias that hold us back in life, but here I would like to focus in on three of those fears that play a big part on our ability, or inability to become successful in life.

The Fear Of People: This is the probable the larger of the three fears that hold us back from being successful. This fear shows itself when we ask ourselves questions like, “What will they think of me?”, “What will they say about me?”, “Will I fit in?”, “Will I be one of the crowd?”, “Will they make fun of me?” All of these thoughts tend to put us off from doing the things that will make us successful in whatever area we decide on. In order to rise above the crowd, we must be willing to stand out from them. Do not fear the disapproval of others. If we are doing the right thing, we will win out.

All those who achieve higher levels of success are not content with being “average,” they do the things that the “average” person will not do. Remember that average is maintaining the status quo, keeping things just as they are. Step out and be different. After all, we don’t take someone special out to dinner and ask for an average table, with an average waiter and an average meal. We want the best table with the best waiter and the best meal. Why shouldn’t we want the best for our life? If we do, then we’ll need to step out from the crowd and step up to the plate. Blake Hedges says it well in the title of his book “You Can’t Steal Second With Your Foot On First.”
Those who are your true friends will be supportive of your efforts and want to see you succeed. Those who ridicule you and are negative about you never were your friends. They are envious of your determination and want you to continue in their average life.
You must not worry about “fitting in,” you need to take charge of your future, believe in yourself and your dreams and find those who want to “fit-in” with you, who will want to be part of “your crowd” and say and think positive things about you.
Dare to be different and discover your true potential.

The Fear Of Failure: We’ve been taught to think, and feel, that to fail at something is ‘the end of the line’ we must, at all costs, avoid it. However, failure, or the possibility of it, is an important and essential ingredient in the success recipe. In order for us to become successful, we must be prepared to fail. As in all worthwhile endeavours, there is an element of risk. Our ultimate success does not rest on the number of failures we experience, but on how many times we pick ourselves up and try again.
To risk failure is to tempt success. In the risks we take and the failures we experience, are the lessons we need to learn to assure our success. We can only apply those lessons if we try again. “You only get one chance.” is a point of view that seems to be embedded into our society. They are wrong! We can have as many chances as we want, it’s all up to us. How many times are we willing to pick ourselves, and the pieces, up and start again? Success will depend on picking yourself up one more time than you get knocked down. In his book “Think And Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill says “most so-called failures are only temporary defeats.” We have to be prepared to grasp the opportunities, take the chance, overcome the fear of failure and we will be successful! Don’t let fear fool you because fear is only: False Evidence Appearing Real
The Fear Of Success: Most people never recognize this as a fear, but it is just as real as the other fears, we just don’t realize it, and it contains elements of the other two fears.
As we close in on our goal, and achievement is within our grasp, we start experiencing the subconscious feelings that are The Fear Of Success. We have feelings of inadequacy; “Will I be able to meet up with what is required of me?” “Now I have reached my goal, will I be able to maintain it?” “Will I fall flat on my face?” and the big one, “Will my friends still be my friends?”. The answer to the first two questions is YES. All the skills you need to meet the demands of maintaining your new level of achievement you have learned on the way to that level.
The answer to question three is NO. As long as you remain calm and solve the problems you encounter, one at a time. Using the knowledge you have and that which you will continue to learn you will stay on your feet. Question four is YES. Just be your self and they will be there with you, if they are not, don’t worry there will be plenty of new friends. The trick in facing the fear of success is in not allowing yourself to be intimidated by your own success. There are times when I have allowed that to happen to me, I sabotaged my own success. If I could have kicked the butt of the person who got in my way the most, I wouldn’t have sat down for months.
Success Requires Us To Conquer Our Fears!

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