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A Great Philosophy

I received the following story in my email a while back. It has done the email rounds and is also available on YouTube. In researching its origin I discovered it was written by David J. Pollay in 2007. It originated with an unnamed taxi driver, Mr. Pollay gave it a name and a framework

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Facing Our Fears

There are many fears and phobias that hold us back in life, but here I would like to focus in on three of those fears that play a big part on our ability, or inability to become successful in life.

The Fear Of People: This is the probably the larger of the three fears that hold us back from being successful. This fear shows itself when we ask ourselves questions like,

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Creating A Positive Attitude

Much has been said about the importance of having a positive attitude to help guide you through life. Books have been written by dozens of authors outlining dozens of ways to gain such an attitude. If you are interested in developing a positive attitude, I have put together 10 simple steps to get you started.

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Christmas Outsde the Box

As the holidays approach people all over the world are spending more than the do at any other time of year. Giant Asian factories have been in high gear making cheaply produced goods — merchandise that has been produced at the expense of more local business and labour

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Is it Worth the Wait?

The topic today is “ Delayed Gratification”. In a world overwhelmed with the speed of information, we are almost at the point where the reward will come before the task. Thinking back, I can remember being miffed by the term “A thirty second sound bite”.

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The Value of Endurance

As we enter into a business venture, or any other project there are a myriad of things to be aware of, not least of these is a keen awareness of the value of endurance. The value of endurance is that it is that great definer that separates those who will become successful and the ones that won’t; It is the determination to stay the course when things don’t go the way you thought they would; It is the difference in climbing to the top of a mountain, not just looking at it from the bottom.

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A Day Trip

I believe,  and have often said, that the doors of opportunity will open up for you in the most unexpected places. Here is one that recently opened for me. In early August I received an order for...

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A Lesson In Keeping It Simple

During a conversation with a friend on the subject of not making things more complicated than we have to, he related this story to me: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were on a hiking trip. One...

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The Big Picture

We seem to be in a ‘full speed ahead’ mode to get the biggest picture possible when it comes to entertainment, both in-home and out. TV screens continue to get larger, I have seen...

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Pass It On!

Have you ever had one of those days when everything you do goes
wrong and you feel downright miserable? The kind of day that you
long for someone to say something positive and thoughtful to you,
just something that could help you feel better? Of course you have!

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