(Brian Garvey)

BG-Featured-name Brian was born in Manchester, England at the start of WorldWar II. He grew up during a time when hard work wasn’t just encouraged, it was completely necessary to restore a war-torn country. He learned early that the best way to keep on going was to Think, Speak and Act Positively.

Brian has an insatiable curiosity, and it helped him enjoy careers in many fields. He started his work life on the factory floor, but he traversed a wide arc of interests, leading to work in the entertainment industry, hospitality industry management, sales and marketing, and publishing.

He traded his “employee hat” to become an entrepreneur and business owner. Brian learned how to get the job done—no matter if he was being told to do it, or leading the way for others to get it done.

After living in England for thirty years, he emigrated to Toronto, Canada and continued to gain experience in a number of different fields, finally settling for a extended period in hospitality management, followed by stints in advertising sales, direct marketing and finally, into his own publishing business when he founded The Perkolator, a weekly newsletter  with positive and entertaining messages, which he has  operated for  eighteen years. During most of those years, he was responsible for providing ongoing training and motivation for many employees within the various establishments he worked for.

Now settled in the Muskoka cottage area of Ontario (about two hours north of Toronto) Brian felt it was time to put all that hands-on experience and knowledge into a book. Writing not from an academic point of view but one drawn from his years of experience, Brian has published his first book, ‘Positively Speaking’ that is based on his popular weekly messages seen in The Perkolator. and is now available  on this site.