A Day Trip

I believe,  and have often said, that the doors of opportunity will open up for you in the most unexpected places. Here is one that recently opened for me.

In early August I received an order for the Positively Speaking book from a lady, Jackie, in Killaloe, Ontario. Thinking it was someone I had spoken to several years earlier I fired off an email to say it was good to hear from her. A few days later I had a response back telling me that she was not the one I had spoken with previously. As I read this information I began to feel bad that I had mistaken her for someone else. However that did not last long. Jackie went on to say that she was pleased at receiving an email from the author. Then she went on to say that she was reviewing the book as a  possible selection for the book club she ran in association with the Rainbow Valley Community Health Centre, adding that she would let me know if the book was selected. Now it was my turn to be pleased.

Two weeks passed and I opened my email one morning to find a message from Jackie telling me that my book had been selected as the upcoming study book for the book club. But my surprise did not end there, Jackie extended an invitation to do a book signing with the group at their first meeting and spend a couple of hours answering questions and talking with them.

Suddenly a door was being opened and I was being invited to walk through it.

The challenge we face when a door opens is that we have no idea where it may lead, we don’t really know what’s on the other side. This is when we need to summon our courage and go forward with confidence, knowing that it is in new experiences that we grow as people.

So, after consideration, I accepted the invitation and on September 19, I set off on the drive to Killaloe. Loading up with a Tim Hortons ‘double – double’ and Timbits I started my drive across Highway 60 to Wilno where I planned to meet Jackie for lunch prior to the book club meeting. It had been a few years since I had driven across Algonquin Park and beyond, through some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario and there was just enough colour in the leaves to give a hint of the splendour that nature was about to unfold.

After a pleasant lunch where I met Jackie for the first time we drove into Killaloe for the book signing. The group was a diverse one, with people aged from their 20’s to their 60’s, seventeen in total. We sat in a circle around the table and they started to ask questions. The questions were varied, stimulating and often laced with humour, creating lots of laughter. I found myself relaxed and really enjoying the exchange of thoughts and ideas that this diverse group brought to the afternoons discussions. All too soon my time with them came to an end and I had to head back along Highway 60 and return home.

I don’t know where this door of opportunity will lead, but I do know that the experience I had with the group has added value to my life. I hope that, as time goes by,  I will have added value to theirs. Perhaps that’s what was intended when this door opened. If that’s the case, it was worth every moment of the experience.

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