The Season of Thanksgiving

Here in Canada we have just ended our Thanksgiving holiday weekend, in the USA they will celebrate theirs in November, in the UK, where it is called Harvest Festival, they celebrated in September. Most of the world has some celebration to give thanks for the harvest that has, or is being gathered. The time of year will vary according to which hemisphere they live in. Over time the celebration has taken on a broader meaning that now includes giving thanks for family and friends, for health and all the blessings that we have.

Thanksgiving however is more than just a 2-3-or 4 day event it is A SEASON. One that should include Remembrance Day on November 11th    On that day we not only remember those who gave their life so that we may reap the harvest of peace, freedom and security, we give thanks for their sacrifice.

For those of us whose Thanksgiving holiday falls before November 11, our Season of Thanksgiving will continue to Remembrance Day. If your Thanksgiving Holiday follows Remembrance Day then your season will start on November 11.

If, during your season you have the opportunity to show your thankfulness to a Veteran, or a current member of our Armed Forces DO IT. Say “Thank You”, buy them a coffee and donut, they will appreciate it and you will feel better for having done it.

Finally…… 11am, on the 11th. Day, of the 11th. month  give them two minutes of your time……..

They Gave Eternity For You