10 Steps To A Positive Attitude


I often talk and write about the importance of a positive attitude in life, but have spent much less time discussing how to develop that positive attitude. To all those people who have asked me “How do I get a positive attitude?” I will, in this message, offer some guidelines that you can use if you wish. Here are 10 steps that I found helpful in developing my own attitude. I hope that they will assist you in developing your positive attitude.

1. Take Ownership Of Your Attitude.
We control our attitude. It is not something that is genetically or environmentally determined. Each of us can decide what our attitude is going to be. We can choose to have a positive attitude about life. A ready smile is a gift to all those around you. A positive word or action can be an inspiration and an encouragement to others. The positive you give out will be returned to you many times over. It’s your attitude, take responsibility for it.

2. Take Action To Eliminate What Bothers You.
You may be putting up with more things than you have realized. Think about what you are tolerating. You may be tolerating things or ways that someone speaks to you, that you don’t like. Just paying attention to what you are tolerating will be the first step toward eliminating it.
What you tolerate infects your attitude, it can have a negative impact and can do a great deal of damage to the way you act and speak to others.

3. Live In The Present.
Let go of living in the past or in the future and enjoy the present. Life is precious, plan for your future but take time, for now, enjoy today, whatever you may be doing. Even the most disliked tasks can have a positive effect. Think of how good it will feel when you complete the task.

4. Let it go.                                                                                                                                                            Stop wasting energy being irritated and annoyed at things that really don’t matter. Ask yourself, “Will this help to achieve my goals?”, “Will this improve my life, my relationships, my ability to earn the money I need?” If the answers are no, then let go of them, put positive thoughts in your mind and move forward. My wife has a phrase, “In 50 years, it won’t matter anyhow.” Chances are that it won’t matter 50 months, weeks, days, hours even 50 minutes from now.

5. Be non-judgemental                                                                                                                            . Stop being critical of others. Try instead to listen and understand. As you open yourself up to not judging others you will accept yourself more. See the good in others and encourage them to excel. Remember that you will get back from others the images they see in you, if you feel negative about them, they will respond in a negative way.

6. Listen to yourself and trust what you hear.                                                                                  Let go of other people’s voices that you carry in your head. Instead, listen to yourself and take responsibility for what you do. Too many people are concerned about what others will think of them or what they will say. If what you want to do is legal, moral and ethical, will not cause harm to others, go ahead and do it. Have you ever wondered why crab fisherman put two crabs in a pot? Well, if there is only one it will climb out; put two in a pot and they will keep pulling each other back in. Humans are like that, most people want to keep you where they feel comfortable and will hold you back. Don’t let others make your decision-decide for yourself.
7.Live Your Values
By living your life according to your values you will develop an attitude of true acceptance of yourself. You may also make some changes in your life simply because you realize that you have gained a greater potential, because of you growing positive attitude, than you have utilized so far. You will have the courage of your convictions when you live life by values and principles that are honest and truthful. This will, in turn, attract to you those that will help you achieve your goals.
8. Have fun and enjoy humour.
Take delight in life and create fun experiences for yourself. Don’t make life be too heavy. Truly successful people have a great sense of humour, they play just as hard as they work. They never lose the child that is inside them.
9. Invest energy in the people you love and care about.
Meaningful relationships are developed and sustained by positive attitudes and commitment. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
10. Develop an attitude of love.
By developing a loving attitude towards yourself you will in turn interact with others from a basis of love. The love you extend to others will strengthen them and allow them to grow as people, it will then be returned to you in greater amounts than you gave out. You must give before you receive.
Following the ten guidelines that have been outlined here will take you along the road to a positive attitude. There are three other things that you will need…
Patience, Persistence and Practice

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